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Gujarat Mukhyamantri Gaumata Poshan Yojana 2022

The Finance Minister had announced Mukhyamantri Gau Mata Poshan Yojana 2022 in the Gujarat Budget 2022-23 and its implementation is now starting. In this Mukhyamantri Gaumata Poshan Yojana, the state government. will provide assistance to institutions managed by Gaushala, Panjrapole and Trust for the preservation of infrastructure facilities and cows. In this article, we will provide you with the complete details about the गऊ माता पोषण योजना which will be implemented from April 2022.

Gujarat Mukhyamantri Gaumata Poshan Yojana Latest update

The Gujarat government has decided to provide financial assistance of Rs 30 per cattle to registered trusts in the state under Mukhyamantri Gaumata Poshan Yojana from April 2022. The decision was made at the state cabinet meeting headed by Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel , on May 18, 2022.

The state government has allocated Rs. Rs 500 crore in its annual budget for the year for Mukhyamantri Gau Mata Poshan Yojana to help around 4.42 lakh cattle in various cattle ponds in the state. In addition to this, the government will also give Rs. Rs 2 crore assistance for cattle ponds spread over 14 acres and holding more than 1,000 head of cattle to establish biogas plant based on cattle manure.

About Mukhyamantri Gau Mata Poshan Yojana 2022

To comply with the government resolution towards cows, a scheme called “Mukhyamantri Gau Mata Poshan Yojana” was announced in Gujarat budget 2022-23. This Mukhyamantri Gaumata Poshan Yojana is advertised for the operations and maintenance of Gaushalas and Panjarapoles. A provision of Rs. Rs 500 crore has been made for Mukhyamantri Gau Mata Poshan Yojana. Furthermore, a provision of Rs. Rs 100 million has been made for special activities in urban and rural areas to solve the problem of stray animals.

The cow has immense importance in Indian culture. Cow protection and cow farming is paramount since the ages of Dwarikadhish Lord Shri Krishna. The State Government is active for the protection and conservation of cows. Non-governmental and voluntary organizations are contributing significantly, together with the government, for the preservation and protection of cows. Panjarapoles and Gaushalas in the state take care of thousands of cows and other animals.

Mukhyamantri Gau Mata Poshan Scheme launched in Gujarat Budget 2022-2023

To promote animal husbandry, a number of schemes have been started including Mukhyamantri Gau Mata Poshan Yojana. Following allocations have been made for these schemes in Gujarat Budget 2022-23:-

A provision of Rs. Rs 500 crore for institutions managed by Gaushala, Panjrapole and Trust for the preservation of cows and infrastructure facilities at Mukhyamantri Gau Mata Poshan Yojana.

A provision of Rs. Rs 300 crore for interest relief to animal keepers on a term loan.

Provision of Rs. Rs 80 crore to provide a grant to establish a dairy farm and animal unit at the rural level for self-employment.

A provision of Rs. Rs 58 million to continue the mobile veterinary clinic services and make them more compact.

Provision of Rs. 50 million rupees to also take care of stray animals in rural areas.

A provision of Rs. Rs 44 crore to provide the benefit of cattle feeding through Khandan Sahay Yojana to animal keepers during pre and post deliveries of their animals.

Provision of Rs. Rs 12 crore for the construction of dairy houses/godowns for rural milk cooperative societies.

A provision of Rs. 8 million rupees for Karuna Animal ambulance 1962.

Interest subsidy for Rabi, summer short-term crop loans

The government has taken numerous steps to increase farmers’ income and make farming profitable. Organic farming is encouraged so that farmers can cut costs and earn more. Dang District has become the first district to fully adopt organic farming. The government has taken immediate relief measures for the farmers at the time of the natural disaster. At present the interest subsidy scheme is being implemented only for kharif short-term crop loan. A new scheme is announced to provide interest subsidies for short-term crop loan for rabi and summer as well.

Interest Subsidy on Short-Term Loans to Ranchers / Fishermen

Department of Agriculture, Farmers Welfare and Cooperation

Keeping the welfare of farmers in focus, the scheme to provide a grant of Rs. 6 thousand per year have been implemented for each farmer household under Pradhanmantri Kisan Samman Nidhi. Under this scheme, approximately 61 lakh farmers in Gujarat have received a total amount of Rs. 10 billion rupees in your bank accounts by direct payment transfer.

A large subsidy of Rs. Rs 8.3 billion is provided to make farm connections available to farmers with subsidy power. All pending applications for power connection will be approved before the Amrut Mahotsav of independence to provide power connection to farmers.

A provision of Rs. 2310 crores for various cultivation schemes.

Provision of Rs. Rs 260 crore to provide subsidies on the purchase of tractors and various farm machinery under the mechanization of agriculture.

A provision of Rs. Rs 213 crore for cow maintenance for farmers who are engaged in wholly cow-based organic farming.

A provision of Rs. 142 million rupees for the construction of small wells in farms under Mukhymantri Pak Sangrah Yojana.

The Gujarat Prakrutik Krushi Vikas Board was formed to promote organic farming.

The board will work to improve agricultural production by engaging farmers with this campaign. A provision of Rs. 100 crore for this purpose.

A provision of Rs. Rs 100 crore to provide grants to Agro and Food Processing Units under Sarvagrahi Krishi Vyavasay Niti.

Provision of Rs. 81 Crore in Khedut Khatedar Akasmat Bima Scheme.

A provision of Rs. Rs 54 million to provide a drum and two plastic baskets free of charge to farmers in the state to carry out multi-purpose activities.

A provision of Rs. Rs 35 crore to increase agricultural production by spraying fertilizers and insecticides with the help of drones and thereby lowering the cost of agricultural inputs.

Provision of Rs. Rs 32 crore to encourage farmers engaging in organic farming in Dangs district, for totally chemical free cultivation.

A provision of Rs. Rs 20 crore to remove solar powered fences around farms to prevent wild animals from damaging crops.

A provision of Rs. Rs 17 crore for fertilizer storage in order to provide farmers with fertilizer on time and in adequate quantity.

A provision of Rs. Rs 15 million to provide subsidies on the purchase of freight vehicles for the transportation of agricultural products.

A provision of Rs. 10 million rupees to promote “Sanedo”, an agricultural implement, developed by local manufacturers in the state.

Provision for Horticulture Department Yojana in Budget of Gujarat 2022-23

There is a total provision of Rs. Rs 369 crore for schemes under the Directorate of Horticulture.

A provision of Rs. 10 million rupees to increase the cultivation area of ​​Kamalam (dragon fruit).

A provision of Rs. Rs 10 crore to engage 10,000 farmers in the state in honey production to fuel the Honey Revolution.

Provision of Rs. 7 million rupees under the Comprehensive Horticulture Development Program.

A provision of Rs. Rs 7 million to establish 3 centers of excellence for horticultural crops, one each in Ahmedabad, Jamnagar and Kheda districts.

Provision for Agricultural Universities in Gujarat Budget

A provision of Rs. Rs 757 million to intensify agricultural research and education programs in agricultural universities.

Kamdhenu University

A provision of Rs. Rs 137 million for the management of Kamdhenu University and to boost agricultural research programmes.

Provision for the Fishing Sector in the State Budget

Total provision of Rs. Rs 880 million for the Fisheries Division.

A provision of Rs. Rs 264 crore for maintenance of existing ports, strengthening of infrastructure facilities and for providing floating jetty facilities at Chorwad and Umarsadi.

A provision of Rs. Rs 230 crore for high speed diesel VAT exemption scheme for fishermen.

A provision of Rs. Rs 201 crore to build 5 new all-weather fishing ports at Nava Bandar, Veraval-2, Madhvad, Porbandar-2 and

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