Is Life Better When You Are Busy?

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Life is easy when you’re busy

People tend to keep themselves busy when they’re going through any tough phase of life. There’s always a rush in our mind to do something every second, even if we sit idle our mind triggers us to do something no matter if it is productive or not. We tend to keep ourselves so busy in a hope that the clouds of negative thoughts do not succumb to us. Instead of dealing with the situation which shook us mentally, we start being busy forgetting about the thing that happened. The schedule becomes so tiresome that we don’t have time to think about what happened. Why did this happen? Why me? Simply, you don’t have time to sit and think. Let us know, Is life better when you are busy?

I’ve heard people say when we were together I had time to do this and that, I used to chat with them all day long, I used to call them and spend hours gossiping. I had time then, but now I don’t have time. And I am so busy that I don’t have time to even think about that person. What does this mean? It means you’re keeping yourself so busy or say you try to improve your skills. Yes, skills as we raise our heads from the phone screen and look around, we find people being productive, everyone has some skills but we don’t have any skills. In that situation we learn, explore, polish our knowledge and in this process we become busy.
There are many positive and negative sides to being busy every time.

How can you handle a busy life positively?

Overcome bad thoughts

It has happened many times that when anything bad happens to us and we want to avoid those negative thoughts we start to keep ourselves busy. It’s a common human nature. Thinking about the same thing again and again jams our mind and we start to overthink. As we keep ourselves busy gradually that memory fades out, and we forget exactly what happened. Our mind learns the things we repeat. It’s better to make yourself busy to get a break from your negative thoughts and the time you waste on overthinking will be reduced. So, it’s better to divert our mind and this helps us to overcome bad thoughts.


All of us want to do something new every day, learn something new. Our mind is more productive and active when we keep it busy. You start prioritizing your work first. Laziness is just a word for you. Your goals are fixed. You’re always busy with yourself, pampering yourself, prioritizing yourself, and always focusing on learning important skills every day.
This way you can be busy as well as productive at the same time. Your mental health will be balanced and your brain will have less pressure. And you can focus on one task at a time.

Time table

Set a timetable to do work, I agree that not always things come up with notifications. But you can schedule your basic chores like waking up, brushing, bathing, exercising, eating, etc. In this way, we have ample time to do pre-assigned work and also we will have time if something extra work comes up. Setting up a timetable has two benefits: first, your life will become disciplined, and second productive.

Improve sleep

This might sound crazy because when you’re busy you don’t have time to sleep as you have a lot of work. But do you know when you keep your mind busy and schedule the work properly? You can surely get time to sleep and also your sleep quality will improve.
Not convinced? Okay, let us understand this with an example when we were students and did not have time for waste. School, then homework, and then playing. At the end of the day, we start to feel tired and go to bed by 10:00- 10:30 p.m. We had a schedule to do things. Just like that if we set a schedule when we grow up we can surely get time for everything.

This is being productive when you’re busy. In this way, you will have a happy mind. There’s also the negative impact of being busy all the time and there will be ZERO productivity, ZERO learning, ZERO friends, and imbalanced mental health.

Let’s know, What are the negative impacts?

Lack of deep thinking

It is true that overthinking harms you but it is also very important to think about something with deep insight. Like if you get into an argument with your loved one you don’t get time to think about what was your fault, what has gone wrong between you two or you don’t realize your own mistake. You hurt them and don’t have time for apologizing and even if you apologize it’s not meaningful. Gradually, in this process, you lose the person who loves you the most. Your relationship with them breaks down. This happens mainly when you try to ignore someone or avoid contact with relatives, friends, parents, girlfriend/boyfriend, etc. Keeping yourself busy doesn’t give you the right to hurt others.

Relaxing is also important

When you keep yourself busy and always rush to do something productive every time you stop relaxing. Relaxing is important, your mind needs to break it is not a storeroom. If you keep on loading and storing things in your mind and one day it’ll blast. Relax and do comfortable things. Do things that make you happy, communicate with your loved ones, do work that doesn’t feel like pressure, or do things at your own pace. Make sure your work is flexible. This way you will have enough time to relax.

Spending time alone

Some people love being alone and some distance themselves from someone after having a bad relationship with someone. But do you know if you always stay alone for so long it can lead to anxiety and depression? Spending time alone is important but interacting with people around you is also equally important. It’s not just your room and your space that make you a good human, it’s people around you who make your life fun-filled.

Time waste

If you go on working and keep yourself busy all the time and rush to do things without any productivity it’s just simply a waste of time. You can neither learn a new skill nor can polish pre-existing skills. All your work remains incomplete. Work is something that teaches you something as you proceed but if you do work just keeping yourself busy, or reading a book just to keep yourself busy gives you ZERO knowledge.


Being busy is good but cutting yourself from the world around you isn’t good. It doesn’t mean you will harm yourself and rush to do things, opting for this and that. It will only harm you and your mental health and one day you’ll wake up sleep-deprived, with a messed up timetable, a huge workload, and so many incomplete assignments. Life is not always better when you’re busy but life is better when you’re productive and busy when you’re happy with what you’re doing when you’re enjoying the work when it’s work, not workload.

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