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Kerala Swasraya Scheme 2022 Application Form

The Kerala Swasraya Scheme 2022 application form is available for download in PDF format online at In this scheme of the Department of Social Justice, the government of Kerala. will provide financial assistance to parents of people with physical disabilities and mental retardation. The official website is functional and people can know how to apply for the Swasraya Scheme. The state cabinet committee also approved the implementation of this financial aid scheme for single mothers for the welfare of PH / MR people.

As per the guidelines of the Kerala Swasraya Scheme 2022, financial assistance will be provided to single mothers of PH/MR persons which will enable them to find a job on their own. An amount of Rs 35,000 is provided to the beneficiaries as a one-time assistance.

In this article, we will tell you about how to apply for Swasraya scheme, eligibility criteria, government. Complete orders and details.

Kerala Swasraya Scheme 2022 Application Form Download

Below is the complete process to download Kerala Swasraya Scheme 2022 application form in PDF format by online mode:-

Step 1: First of all, visit the official website of Kerala Department of Social Justice at

Step 2 – On the home page, click on the “Schemes” tab present in the main menu or directly click on

Step 3: On the opened page, click on the link “Swasraya Scheme for parents / mothers of PH / MR Persons” present at number 26 in the list of plans.

Step 4 – On the details page of the open scheme, go to the “Documents” section and click on the link “Application Forms – Swasraya Scheme for Parents (Single Mothers) of PH/MR Persons” as shown below

Step 5: The Kerala Swasraya Scheme Application Form PDF will open as shown below:

Step 6: All interested applicants can download this Swasraya Scheme form in PDF format. After downloading, applicants will need to enter the necessary details accurately in the form and submit it to the proper authorities.

Applicants must submit properly completed applications along with supporting documents to the appropriate District Social Justice Officers. Upon further verification of the completed application form along with the documents, the officer concerned will approve your form. All applicant mothers/fathers of PH/MR persons will get one-time financial assistance under the Swasraya Scheme directly into their bank accounts.

Eligibility Criteria for Kerala Swasraya Scheme 2022

Only those applicants who meet the eligibility criteria mentioned below will be eligible for the Kerala Swasraya Scheme:-

The candidate must be a part of BPL family.

Fathers (mothers) with children who have a 70% or more disability/mental retardation.

Mothers of bedridden patients with severe disabilities or mental problems will be given priority.

Single/unmarried mothers/wives abandoned by their husbands/legally divorced women/separated women are eligible to apply under this scheme.

Close relatives (female, as mentioned in the previous category) who act as caregivers for severely disabled or mentally challenged patients can also apply.

The application together with the detailed report of the self-employment project must be submitted to the corresponding District Social Justice Officers.

Beneficiaries of the Aswasakiranam scheme can also apply

The single financial aid scheme for single parents/mothers of people with physical disabilities or mental retardation will be implemented in the state as mentioned in the government order.

Links to Download Kerala Government Order for Swasraya Scheme

Here is the direct link to download the Kerala Government Order for Swasraya Scheme 2022: All interested applicants must verify the government related to the scheme. order that will help a better understanding of the implementation of the scheme.

Swasraya Scheme Need 2022

Parents of people with severe mental retardation and people with disabilities require emotional strength and flexibility. Older parents can be overwhelmed with various medical, caregiving, and financial responsibilities. People with PH/MR always need special care and attention as they cannot go about their daily activities without the help of another person. It can be quite challenging at times for older parents in BPL families, especially mothers.

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