CDS Bipin Rawat Age, Bio, Family, Net worth

He was an Indian military officer who was a four-star general of the Indian Army & his real name was Bipin Laxman Singh Rawat.

Bipin Rawat

Bipin Rawat

He was born on 16 March 1958 and died on 8 December 2021 (63 Years Aged).

General Bipin Rawat and wife Madhulika Rawat are survived by their two daughters, Kritika Rawat and Tarini Rawat.

Bipin Rawat

Bipin Rawat

Net Worth

CDS Bipin Rawat's net worth was $2 Million (₹15 Crores) in 2021 & his monthly salary was $3500 (₹2.5 Lakhs).

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